Nader believes that housing is a human right. As a former state representative, he recognized that housing is an issue that affects all facets of our society. If we want to see a healthy workforce, reduced crime, and improved economic development, we must make sure Vermonters are housed. Additionally, this requires investment in housing that is safe, accessible, and will remain affordable years into the future. Part of our current dilemma is due in part to the fact that Vermont has not adequately invested in quality housing stock over the last few decades.

In order to develop more housing, the legislature must be able to collaborate with local municipalities to allocate the remainder of the ARPA funds to build out infrastructure. Additionally, Act 250 should continue to be reformed to allow more expedited development in village centers.

Climate Change

The effects of climate change are happening in real-time. Nader supports reducing carbon emissions, and previously supported legislation that fostered the weatherization program. This program was a small step that allowed low-income homes the opportunity to get subsidized insulation in order to ensure they stayed warm, and to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, Vermont's largest contributor to carbon emissions comes from motor-vehicles. Reducing our largest contributor to carbon emissions requires improved EV incentives, building out more EV infrastructure, and investing in public transportation.

Those who will be most immediately affected by climate change the most are marginalized and impoverished groups in our communities. Nader recognizes this, and intends to continue the work he started when he served as a state representative.

Additionally, Nader believes in creating resiliency in our communities to better push through future adversity created by climate change.

Reproductive Healthcare

Nader served on the judiciary committee during his time as a state representative, and one of the first issues which he advocated for and supported was guaranteeing a woman's right to access abortion.

Nader firmly believes that a person's decision about their pregnancy must be between them and their doctor.

Nader recognizes that there are ongoing and continued threats against reproductive autonomy. Despite the threats, Nader will continue advocating and defending access to reproductive healthcare.

Rural & Economic Workforce Development

Vermont workers are the heart and soul of our communities. In order to ensure we have a vibrant, diverse, and prosperous economy, the workers who comprise that economy must be well taken care of.

There are a number of fields that are in dire need of additional personnel. Specifically nurses, teachers, and first responders. Nader supports allowing more streamlined licensure processes for these professionals, as well as exploring ways to reduce costs for aspiring students who seek education in these fields, as well as reduced bureaucratic obstacles.

Additionally, Nader believes that Vermont can more effectively advertise itself as an ideal destination for working class families who want to live a peaceful and active lifestyle. However, as more individuals migrate to Vermont, as recent trends indicate is true, the state must focus on being able to provide these individuals with adequate housing and access to amenities.

COVID Response

Nader believes in deferring to the judgement of medical and scientific professionals as it relates to COVID. He believes that people should get vaccinated, and that masks save lives. Navigating this pandemic requires the ability to adapt to new evidence and new guidelines.

Voting Rights

Nader believes that free and unfettered access to voting is an essential component of democracy. During his time in the legislature, he worked specifically to try and grant more opportunity for people to access the ballot. He will continue to uphold those values and goals if elected.