Thank you all for your support! It is a privilege and honor to serve my first term as a state senator. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to me at

Why I'm Running

As a former Vermont State Trooper and State Representative, I've directly seen the needs and concerns affecting Vermonters throughout our county. I am committed to addressing the housing crisis, preserving our environment, rural economic development, and protecting our most vulnerable neighbors.


Nader believes that housing is a human right.

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Climate Change

The effects of climate change are happening in real-time.

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Reproductive Healthcare

Nader firmly believes that a woman's decision about her pregnancy must be between her and her doctor.

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About Nader

Nader Hashim was born in Boston, MA, and traveled around the US in a military family. After graduating from Clark University with a degree in Political Science & International Relations, he sought a career in public service.

Nader moved to Vermont to serve as a Vermont State Trooper. During his seven and a half year long career, he worked entirely in Windham County. During this time, he witnessed the many issues that Vermonters face. Whether it's poverty, opioid addiction, mental health issues, or a combination of all these things, he has witnessed the damage it causes to our communities firsthand.

In order to further his public service, Nader ran for office and served as a state representative for Windham-4. During his service, he was assigned to the judiciary committee where he proudly supported issues relating to protecting reproductive rights, holding polluters accountable, addressing systemic racism, increasing protections for victims of domestic assault, and creating a more rehabilitative criminal justice system.

After serving in the house, Nader continued his public work by helping to found the Bright Leadership Institute, a new non-profit organization that educates BIPOC/LGBTQ+ people on how to run for office or serve their communities. Additionally, he serves as one of the vice-presidents in the Windham NAACP chapter, serves on the WSESU superintendent search committee, and serves on two sub-committees of the Cannabis Control Board.

Tim Knapp


"He has the solid background and proven track record to lead."

Laura Chapman


"Genuine dedication to his community, his ethics, and a positive vision for the future."

Mitzi Johnson

Former Speaker of the House, South Hero

"Nader’s integrity, work ethic, and commitment to his constituents earned my deep respect, and I know colleagues across the political spectrum feel the same."

Jack Spanierman


"A champion in the fight to preserve the right to abortion in Vermont."


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An experienced, dedicated, and lifelong public servant.