Libby Bennett - Brattleboro

"I proudly support Nader Hashim in his run for a seat in the Vermont State Senate.  As a former state representative in the Vermont House, having served as a State Trooper, and as a BIPOC Vermonter, Nader has a uniquely broad perspective on the issues we face in Windham County and throughout the state.  His genuine interest in learning from his community and addressing concerns are clear in his pursuit to hear from as many soon-to-be constituents as possible about the issues most important to them.  As a Representative in the Vermont House for Windham district 4, Nader has a proven progressive track record.  He's worked to address systemic racism, to increase protections for people experiencing domestic violence, to protect reproductive rights, to bring more rehabilitative approaches to our criminal justice system, and to address the climate crisis by holding polluters accountable.  Nader will dive right back in at the State House—leading with great integrity and with eyes and ears wide open as our next Senator from Windham County."  

Tim Knapp — Dummerston

“As a fifth generation Vermonter, I wholeheartedly support Nader Hashim as candidate for state senate representing Windham County. Through his prior experience as a state legislator in Vermont's House of Representatives, Nader acquired a great deal of legislative experience and quickly earned the respect of and built critical relationships with House colleagues. When added to his other professional achievements and his many contributions to local and county-wide issues, he has the solid background and proven track record to lead. I most admire Nader's tireless passion, engagement and dedication to making Vermont an even better place to live, work and raise a family for all Vermonters. I’m proud to know Nader personally and to have observed him in many spheres over the years, and am confident that he will be a great leader in our state’s Senate.”

Tom Groves — Wardsboro

“I first met Nader in 2014 and since then he has always been a humble, observant and caring friend. I am personally thankful Nader has chosen a career path in public office in the state of Vermont because his values represent the future political fabric of our state so well. From advocating for workforce development, to improving broadband infrastructure for rural locations, Nader has the foresight and vision Vermonters have been waiting for!”

Mike Auerbach - Putney

"I vote for my values, and that is why I am voting for Nader Hashim. I knew Nader as a State Trooper in my area who I would talk to sometimes and see on social media. I liked his sincerity and honesty, his mind and memory for people, and the time that he gave to help causes and people in the community. Now after seeing what he has accomplished in the Legislature, I know that Nader is a powerful choice based on the clear knack for hard work and relationship-building that he demonstrated there. As a friend to some of our delegates and local political personalities, I have learned that Nader is also a great collaborator interested in moving the political wheels in a way that serves the people of Windham County and not his ego or self-interest. Nader Hashim is living in service of the issues that he has identified, and he also dedicates enormous energy to ensure the movement of nontraditional and marginalized people into the light of political influence in the State of Vermont.

As a teacher of Environmental Science, a Board Member at Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center, and a member of this community for 30 years, I find that I can support not only the person but the positions with Nader Hashim. Right down the line, Nader is oriented towards climate and social justice and helping the vulnerable in a way that makes me proud of him. Housing, climate, reproductive healthcare, His positions are dedicated to helping real Vermonters find justice. Add to this that Nader is a person of endless energy and complete transparency, and I think he is clearly the right person for this Vermont Senate seat.  "

Jaime Contois — Putney

“When Nader ran for the Vermont House of Representatives I was impressed at his outreach into the community. His meet and greets with the firefighters at the diner and one on ones with folks at the Putney General Store, his listening and asking questions, all demonstrated his commitment to our communities and concerns. After winning his election and serving in the VT House he made sure to communicate back what he was seeing and hearing through email and constituent events. His background as a state police officer, his understanding and interest in law, his commitment to taking on a system that criminalizes poverty, his support of women's reproductive freedom, and his understanding of this critical moment in our country's democracy and our commitment to our Constitution and the rule of law will serve Windham County and all of Vermont's people.”

Laura Chapman — Putney

“When I first met Nader several years ago, we were at a meeting regarding helping asylum seekers in Vermont. He was the first person to stand up in the room to offer material support. Ever since then, I’ve followed and watched him serve as both a state trooper and state representative. In all these roles, he has shown genuine dedication to his community, his ethics, and a positive vision for the future. Nader is a person with a deep love and commitment to Vermont. He works diligently to connect with all of his constituents and those that serve our communities. He is committed to bringing our voices to the table and has a strong track record of supporting equity. He always operates from a place of centering our humanity as demonstrated with his work on Fair and Impartial Policing and his fierce support of Proposition 5, the constitutional amendment protecting reproductive rights. If you want someone that will fight for your rights and lead with integrity, campaign and vote for Nader Hashim. I know I will. ”

Jack Spanierman — Putney

“I was lucky enough to be able to work alongside Nader Hashim as a legislative intern when he was serving as a State Representative. It was there that I was able to witness first-hand his inspirational commitment and passion for the issues that touch so many Vermonters. A crucially important example is Nader having been a champion in the fight to preserve the right to abortion in Vermont. Nader’s zeal is palpable through his legislative history while remaining grounded and easily accessible; speaking with him feels like two friends simply exchanging a few ideas in a friendly discussion at the grocery store. I am proud to be on Team Hashim, and I support him fully for State Senate. ”

Rep. Mike Mrowicki (D) — Windham-4

“As Nader Hashim announces his candidacy for the Vermont Senate, I’m ready to support this run and help him chart the course of Vermont’s future. November’s election will hold the key to our future as we make decisions regarding Women’s Reproductive Freedom, Climate Action, and Racial / Social Justice, even as we will still be digging our way out of the health and economic challenges of Covid. Nader did some great work in the Vermont House. I’m glad he’s now taking up the challenge to run for the Vermont Senate, and bringing those Vermont Values of Community, Opportunity, and Justice to join the fight for those issues that will open the doors of today to a brighter future for our children, and theirs.”

Rep. Tristan Toleno (D) — Windham 2-3, Brattleboro

“Nader is smart, pragmatic, informed, and capable. He was an extraordinary contributor to the legislature in his Representative role and I am confident that he will bring the same level of excellence to serving all of Windham County.”

Mitzi Johnson — former Speaker of the House, South Hero

“Windham County and Vermont would be well-served to have Nader Hashim back in the Statehouse. When I served as Speaker of the House, I watched Nader quickly learn the ropes to become an impactful voice in policy-making. He was a key voice on the Judiciary Committee for criminal justice, public safety for ALL Vermonters, and police reform, bringing his lived experience as a law enforcement officer and BIPOC Vermonter. As a legislator, Nader is prepared and knowledgeable when presenting legislation to colleagues, listens carefully to other viewpoints and clearly communicates his constituent’s needs to other legislators. He already has friendships and relationships across political aisles which makes it possible to have difficult- and necessary!- policy conversations. With Windham County losing Senator Balint’s very powerful voice as Pro Tem, you need someone who has legislative experience, solid relationships with key people in Montpelier, and won’t waste time on the difficult early learning phase every new legislator faces. Nader’s integrity, work ethic, and commitment to his constituents earned my deep respect, and I know colleagues across the political spectrum feel the same. I hope he can earn your vote as one of Windham County’s Senators.”

Rep. Lucy Rogers (D) — Lamoille-3, Waterville

“During the 2019-2020 legislative biennium, I got to know Nader well as a colleague and a friend. I found him to be fair, thoughtful, and balanced in his approach to all issues. Nader gained a reputation for diving deep into difficult policy questions. Before forming an opinion, he made sure that he thoroughly understood who would be impacted in what ways, and that he understood any data or research relating to the topic. He deeply loves his home community and worked hard as a legislator to elevate voices from Windham County into our deliberations in Montpelier. I am absolutely thrilled that Nader is running to represent his community again as a State Senator, and there is no one better equipped to bring balanced and fair leadership and tireless advocacy for the southeast corner of the state.”

David Evans — Dummerston

“Politicians love to say they will do what’s right for Vermonters, but when they get to Montpelier, they fall into the same old ways of doing things. Not so with Nader. Nader embodies the new way of thinking and perspective we need in Vermont. He has proven himself to be a capable legislator, and his history as a state trooper, efforts at police reform, sharp intellect, and no-nonsense legislative demeanor, are a winning combination.”

Kathryn Berta — Dummerston

“As a small business owner, I'm thankful that Nader Hashim spent time speaking with me when we were all first navigating the COVID pandemic. Because of the dedication he has to constituents, he will have my vote!”

Rep. Kelly Pajala (I) — Londonderry

“Nader Hashim’s work ethic, thoughtful communication style, and dedication to the State of Vermont is apparent in every interaction he engages in. Nader exemplifies civility in the democratic process while working towards reforms within our state to achieve judicial and social equity. I have no doubt he would serve Windham County residents in the State Senate with dignity and honor.”

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  • Planned Parenthood

  • Let's Grow Kids

  • American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

  • Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG)

  • Vermont Conservation Voters

  • Rights & Democracy (RAD)

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